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Helping to restore injured American Veterans their Independence, freedom and dignity that comes with greater Mobility.

We thank Dean Kamen, & DEKA Research for reinventing the iBOT and putting the new iBOT into (limited) production again through Mobius Mobility

If you are a civilian, contact about getting a new iBOT.

If you are a veteran, contact about being considered by Independence Corps for a new iBOT.

Suicide Intervention. Regardless of what’s the precise statistic to quote, Suicides and Attempted Suicides among our veteran population must be addressed. Independence Corps has seen that helping veterans regain independence can help with feelings of wellbeing, but we want to work to be part of the solution to reduce veteran suicides and so we have also begun a Spartan Weekend initiative!

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In 2016 we started providing veterans with a greater variety of high tech mobility devices like the Track Chair, and the Levo in addition to the iBOT® Mobility System invented by DEKA Research.  After providing 23 new iBOTS to veterans, our veterans helped DEKA Research obtain FDA reclassification of the stair climbing wheelchair as a Class 2 Medical Device and we have tirelessly to helped DEKA to develop a new generation iBOT Mobility System.

If you are not a veteran and want to get in line to buy a new iBOT, Contact or call him (603) 233-0472. If you are a veteran and want an ibot, contact


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NJ Knights of Columbus Tank Pull & iBot Presentation

NJ Knights of Columbus Tank Pull and Presentation of Brand New Nex-Gen iBOT to Col. Kristy Henderson, M.D., USAF Ret was featured on CBS. CBS news story

While the news segment didn’t mention the role Independence Corps Foundation played, providing Col. Henderson M.D., USAF Ret. her iBOT, that’s ok, the important things are she got her wish, her new iBOT, and we got a news story about the iBOT and that maybe will help lead to other veterans getting their ibot. You want to help, spread the word, maybe help us raise some money for the next ibot?

Armed Forces Bowl

At the Armed Forces Bowl, Independence Corps gave Sgt. First Class David Mathis, USA, Ret., a Track Chair.

Armed Forces Bowl 12.22.18 First Sgt. David Mathis

On the night of October 1st, 2017, while conducting a logistics convoy mission in northern Iraq, Sergeant First Class David Mathis’ vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device.

Armed Forces Bowl 12.22.18 First Sgt. David Mathis his father & Gary Lawson

The attack severed both of Sergeant Mathis’ legs below the knee and killed his driver, Specialist Alex Missildine, from Tyler, Texas.

Armed Forces Bowl 12.22.18 First Sgt. David Mathis and his father

Medal of Honor, Tribute to Valor, October 2018

In October 2018, at the Medal of Honor, Tribute to Valor gala in Dallas Texas, Independence  Corps announced the upcoming presentation of a brand new iBOT to Retired United States Air Force Col. (Dr.) Kristy Henderson, USAFR, Ret.

On June 23, 2019 at the NJ Knights of Columbus Tank Pull Independence Corps, with the support of the Knights of Columbus, we presented Dr. Kristy Henderson her brand new iBOT.

On Nov. 10, 2017, Veterans Day weekend – Carrie Krischke, USA, Ret. received her own “Luke Arm”, the very first ever presented by a military nonprofit anywhere in the world.


Donate Towards Carries’ Luke Arm

Carrie’s Army career abruptly ended because of an automobile accident that left her an amputee.  Carrie was medically retired in November of 1995, leaving behind a Military career she greatly enjoyed.

With a passion to continue to serve, hoping her new service might benefit the men and women of her former military family, and with no expectation of the events that will now unfold at Skyball, Carrie volunteered to be a test subject to help DEKA Research develop and design the most advanced robotic human controlled prosthetic arm in history.

To Carrie’s great surprise, Independence Corps Foundation reached out to her and told her she was our first candidate for her own Luke Arm.

Carrie experimenting with her new arm

Now, we are asking you to help us make this so.

Donate Towards Carries’ Luke Arm

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In Memoriam

Our (Marcia and Gary) beloved older son, Seth David Lawson, Born Sept 19, 1978, Died too young, April 20, 2014.Seth stood behind our mission, volunteering countless hours and he helped design all of Huey 091’s communication and marketing materials. He scripted the iBOT Restart video voiced by our dear friend Gary Sinise and filmed by Bob Vincent. We will miss you son more than you could imagine. All of the work I continue to do, I dedicate to my wife and our two loving sons, Seth and Aaron. Gary Lawson, Co-Founder.

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