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War Produces Medical Miracles

ike other wars, the war in Iraq has produced its share of medical miracles that help repay the sacrifices made by wounded veterans. But some involve high technology that is very…

Huey 091 Foundation YPO Gala LAX

Monies raised at this event were used to benefit 10 Purple Heart Recipients from OIF/OEF who attended the event.

Check Donation For Fuel

Donation of $300,000 check awarded to America’s Huey 091 Foundation to help defray fuel and other costs associated with transportation of injured veterans by American Airlines.

Photo of outsize check being received
Pictured, Gary Lawson, Secretary and General Counsel America’s Huey 091 Foundation, Gerard Arpey, President and CEO American Airlines.

OC Register

Army veteran and amputee skydives onto golf course

Local Patriot Fund Exceeds Expectations

Lakeway/Patriot Fund

Photo from event showing two people in wheelchairs

OC Register

Army veteran and amputee skydives onto golf course

Keller Fest Event July 3, 2008

Star Telegram

Photo of article on teens competing in battle of bands contest

Proclaim Liberty

Proclaim Liberty celebrated with 091 in Keller Fest to honor those who fight for our Freedom and Liberty

Photo of bell, gravestones and flags honoring American heroes

FOX News

Patriot Fest on FOX Austin


Patriot Fest on KVUE Austin

iBOT Presentation – American Legion Members

Photo of article re. iBot presentation to American Legion members

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