Jermius Johnson

Independence Corps is providing an internship to Jermius Johnson, a student-athlete, senior, attending Justin F. Kimball High School in Dallas, Texas.

My name is Jermius Johnson, student-athlete, senior, attending Justin F. Kimball High School in Dallas, Texas. I come from a family of 6 with me being the youngest. I am 17 years old. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I’ve been playing football for as long as I can remember, 15 years and counting! Currently I am a senior varsity running back, and have been so since my sophomore year of high school. 

Through ages 5-14 I’ve progressed my football career with the best Pop Warner team in Texas, Oak Cliff Redskins. The thought of football has always kept me on the edge of my seat, practicing and preparing for my time to excel, to take a leadership position. At the moment I have one scholarship offer from East Texas Baptist University with many more to come. But,  please don’t let my love of football fool you. I love learning too and I am proud to say that when it comes to being a student at Kimball, I’m in the top 10% of my class, with a 3.5 GPA and a Super Score SAT of 1020. All throughout school I’ve mostly maintained A’s and B’s with only a few C’s in high school. Prior to high school I’ve attended T.W. Browne Middle School and Ronald E. McNair Elementary.

Since I was a young child my main goal has been to play college football and give myself a shot at the big league. Not that it has changed, but as I  have matured, I’ve learned to open myself up to different opportunities, additional things that are important, such an being an intern for Independence Corps, a national nonprofit organization. Taking in this opportunity can better me and the Independence Corps’ future. 

I will help Independence Corps develop many ideas for products to assist veterans in need and many others. I will help the company reach a greater audience so that their good deeds will be recognized and others may join and help. While doing so, this intern position could help me with future jobs and college. It could teach me new work skills in order to be successful. Looking forward to working and building with Independence Corps!

The way I was introduced to Independence Corps was through NAF Academy. NAF (stands for National Academy Foundation) is a non-profit organization started way back in 1982 by Mr. Sanford Weill, that helps high school students with education, business, and more, it “brings the classroom to the workplace and the workplace to the classroom”. NAF is partnered with 23 high schools in Texas, with Kimball High School being one of them. Throughout high school I’ve been able to talk to my teachers and get more information about NAF so that I could qualify. 

As I searched for an internship this summer, Independence Corps was one of the first company’s introduced to me. I took it upon myself to research them to get more details and a better understanding of what they have done so far and how I can help them do more in the future. I discovered that their main goal is to help others in need, men and women who were injured defending our country, which also fits part of my future plans, helping others. Accepting this opportunity will give me experience and a head start for what I plan to accomplish later in life.

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