Kevin St. Amant

On J.D. Williams’ second tour overseas with 1-502nd Mohawk Infantry Scouts, he was leading a small recon team through dangerous enemy territory when he stepped on an improvised explosive device. As a result of the explosion, both legs were amputated above the knee along with his right arm above the elbow. His left arm was also severely mangled leaving him with one partially functioning limb. J.D. went into cardiac arrest after arriving at the hospital in Germany. The doctors were able to successfully perform a thoracotomy.

Kevin St. Amant using wheelchair on outdoor steps

J.D. currently resides in Kentucky with his wife & 6 year old daughter. He grew up in the small town in Montana. J.D. joined the Army in 2006 to serve his country. Since the explosion in 2010, J.D. has used the outdoors as therapy to recover. J.D. takes other wounded warriors on various hunts and show them the outdoors. It had been quite the struggle learning how to maneuver in VA prescribed power chairs and now he has his second chair, the iBOT Mobility chair thanks to the generous donations from folks like you!

Kevin St. Amant in chair on beachKevin St. Amant in chair at work site beside riverKevin St. Amant in chair inside house being built

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