Kevin St. Amant

In 1986, while on a USMC special intelligence “Training Exercise” the M151 Jeep, Kevin was in overturned and crushed him, causing damage to his right leg, back, and hip. In 1987, (while recovering from the above and waiting for his Medical Board) He was on a special intelligence courier run when the M-1008 CUCV, he was traveling in, lost its brakes descending a mountain, this resulted in a high-speed impact, causing additional trauma to his back, hip, head, and feet.

In addition to the above, he incurred multiple concussions, TBI, and several fractures to the tibia and feet while on active duty.

Kevin St. Amant using wheelchair on outdoor steps

Kevin St. Amant in chair on beachKevin St. Amant in chair at work site beside riverKevin St. Amant in chair inside house being built

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