• The  iBOT®  Mobility System is not like any other power wheelchair. The iBOT’s combination of unique, innovative functions allows the few who are fortunate enough to have one to go places and do things not possible with any other single mobility device.
  • Easily raise yourself to reach high shelves and countertops. Safely travel at eye level. Most important, regain your EQUALITY, talk to a standing adult eye-to-eye.
  • Go up or down steps and stairs.
  • Travel over uneven terrains. Climb curbs up to 5 inches high.
  • Travel indoors and outdoors much like a conventional standard power wheelchair. You can even be transported in your vehicle while remaining seated in the iBOT® Mobility System.

The iBOT® Mobility System contains patented iBALANCE®Technology, an integrated combination of sensor and software components and multiple computers that work in conjunction with gyroscopes. Gyroscopes are motion sensors that help maintain balance. When the gyroscopes sense movement, a signal is sent to the computers. The computers receive information from various sources and process that information to maintain stability.

We thank Dean Kamen, & DEKA Research for inventing the first generation iBOT and now for developing the newest iBOT and returning the iBOT to production again through Mobius Mobility.  http://mobiusmobility.com/  Contact lmerrow@mobiusmobility.com about getting a new iBOT.

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