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March, 2017

Re: Lt. Charles Dewey “Dee” Elliott, III, (USN, Ret.)

Dear Friends of Dee Elliott,

As part of Independence Corps long term mission, helping U.S. Veterans who have incurred a disabling injury or illness in connection with their military service, we have long provided many such veterans with high-tech “ 22nd Century” mobility devices.

In addition, we have another mission we call Spartan Weekend, working with Veterans, their families and friends to reduce the number of veterans taking their own lives, and to provide aid to families impacted by veteran suicides where we were not yet able to help prevent such tragedies.

As critical as these two missions are and will continue to be to the Independence Corps, we are occasionally asked to aid a disabled veteran in some other way.

I personally have known Dee Elliott for almost a decade. As you know, Dee is a veteran who has, since his military service, himself long been devoted to helping other veterans in need. Dee is a US Naval Academy Graduate and a veteran of the Viet Nam War. We learned recently that today Dee is in another battle. Dee recently was diagnosed and is courageously living with a form of ALS that is aggressively attacking his ability to do all the many things he has done as a husband, father, veteran, citizen and supporter of our veterans.

ALS is a devastating neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It is marked with a series of losses in the ability to initiate and control muscle movement which leads to total paralysis and death within 2 to 5 years. It typically costs a family about $250,000 in the first year their loved one is afflicted by ALS. Independence Corps initially started serving as a conduit for Dee’s friends and others who gave funds earmarked for a tax exempt charitable contribution to help him to provide for certain modifications of the Elliott’s home so as to accommodate Dee’s mobility challenges. We are truly honored to have been able to perform this service for this Navy veteran, great patriot and damn fine man, Dee Elliott. And he is grateful for all your help.

Now, with Dee’s increasing physical losses and needs for nursing and home health care, to include 24-hour care in the very near term, we are standing in the gap with him to meet a projected financial shortfall amounting to $200 per day.

You may make a tax deductible donation payable to The Independence Corps and earmark that 100% of the funds you donate, deposited into the account of Independence Corps, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, whose EIN/Federal Identification Number is 36-4605639, only to be spent to pay for nursing and home health care for Dee, or you may designate your donation for such nursing or other support as determined by Dee, and if any funds remain that they be used exclusively for such other needs as Dee may come to have as a result of his illness. Because we support a number of different veteran related missions, from providing veterans advanced mobility devices to suicide prevention and the fact that we only have a small dedicated volunteer team (no employees) I must ask you to be careful to click on the select button for Dee Elliot when you make a credit card donation. If you mail in a check please mark in the subject or re line “For Dee Elliott Medical”.


On behalf of Dee and his family, thank you!


Gary B. Lawson, J.D. LL.M, Honorary
“Nightstalker” (160th SOAR)
& Lt. Col. Steve “Luker” Danyluk, (USMCR, Ret.)

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