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Our principal mission since we were founded in 2008 remains to help wounded disabled U.S. Armed Forces veterans regain their Independence by providing high-tech mobility devices. Through our Spartan Weekend events, we help veterans and their caregivers have healthy productive lives. Starting in 2020 just before the COVID-19 nationwide crisis we began also helping line-of-duty disabled U.S. First Responders by providing them high-tech mobility devices.

Due to the nationwide shortage of hand sanitizers and other personal protection equipment, we are all seeing that fire and police department and many hospital first responders are working without sanitizers, masks etc.

One of our corporate donors, a vendor of CBD products, has offered to sell and let Independence Corps purchase and distribute CDC Compliant alcohol-based hand sanitizers to fire and police departments and hospitals in a number of communities. Our donor is a very small company, and we’re small too, but we want to do our part, so we are adding a COVID donate button if you want to help us help some fire and police departments and hospital personnel during this COVID 19 pandemic. Please understand donors CANNOT designate which departments or hospitals. Right now we intend our first shipments to go to NYC Fire, Irving Texas Fire, Ft. Worth Texas Police and Fire and El Paso Texas Fire. We will add others as best we can.

We are an all-volunteer organization and we DON’T have the manpower to disperse funds to help those impacted by job losses due to COVID-19. If you wish to help those people in your communities please contact local civic organizations already set up to do that work, Salvation Army, RedCross, your area food banks, Meals on Wheels, VFW, DAV, etc. Doing good deeds will help all of us get through this crisis.

God Bless You and God Bless America and all people of goodwill around the world.
Gary Lawson, Co-President, Independence Corps Foundation
Steve Danyluk, Co-President, Independence Corps Foundation
Theresa Botts, Director Spartan Weekends, Independence Corps Foundation

Making a donation is as simple as either clicking on the donate link above, filling in the form at the bottom of this page when it has finished loading, or mailing a check to Independence Corp 13770 Noel Rd. #803524, Dallas, Texas 75380

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