Sgt. David Mathis Gets His New iBOT

With a generous donation from SCA Health and further assistance from the Freedom Mobility Foundation, Independence Corps March 2023 finally delivered on the promise getting Sgt. Mathis his new iBOT.

Sgt. Mathis and his dad own and operate an automobile repair business in their hometown in GA and his iBot will make working safer and easier.

Below is a note from Sgt. Mathis’ wife to Independence Corps and Freedom Mobility Foundation.

“Today the Ibot that you guys worked so hard to get for my husband arrived.  He was really excited all week anticipating its arrival.  I didn’t realize how happy him having the Ibot was going to make me.  When he came into the room on the Ibot I almost started crying.  He could get through the door so much easier than in his wheelchair and he wasn’t having to constantly use his arms to have mobility off of his legs.  I was and am so happy for him.  You guys have made his life so much easier and I am forever grateful to you.  You know him being injured at times has been such a dark thing and then all of a sudden light shines in the darkness.  Thanks for helping and thanks for wanting to help.  You guys have done so much for my family and I can not begin to try and repay you.  Just know it’s so appreciated and we are so grateful for you.  We love you and pray God continues to bless you.”

Sent with so much gratitude,

Angela  Mathis, Wife, Sgt. David Mathis, Augusta GA

Newest iBOT Recipient

Staff Sgt. Matthew Lammers, a twice purple heart recipient, an Army veteran who lost his three limbs while serving in Iraq.

Matt’s wife just said, “This morning he asked to walk with me and promised to keep me safe. Ibot is changing our lives!”

A Vet, His Track Chair and His Horse

Back from serving in a war zone, he broke his neck in three places and suffered quadriplegic spinal injuries. Now, this veteran shows other vets that with determination there is a real worthwhile life after catastrophic injuries. He’s paying it forward and Independence Corps was proud to provide him his Track Chair.

Veteran, Trackchair and his horse Johnathan Merchant



Marine Continues to Serve

Lance Corporal Everett K Cole, USMC, Retired, was born in 1949 joined the Marine Corps in 1968, deploying to Vietnam in Feb 1969.

On May 22, 1969 Lcpl Cole stepped on a Land Mine severing his right leg just below the knee and shattering his left leg.

Everett married Alice in 1970 and they had 3 daughters born 1973, ‘74 and ‘78

In 1975 Everett got his Bachelor’s degree in History from Huntingdon College and began his lifetime career at VA Regional Office, Montgomery, retiring at age 55.

In 2014 Everett became a double amputee due to wounds to his left leg in Vietnam.

In 2016 Everett and Alice bought a 65-acre farm which they named “Freedom Farm”, where he hosts veterans for hunting and fishing events and in 2018 the Coles completed one Bucket List Visiting all 50 States with  6,000 miles in their  MV-1.

Today, Lcpl. Everett and Alice Cole hang out on the farm (like a little boy in his sandbox and toy tractors) repairing roads, cutting trails, butt scooting nearly ¼ mile after he got the JD stuck and had forgotten his phone and gun to call for help! Life is truly an ‘Adventure’ for this ole Marine

LCPL Everett Cole

Every MONTH since July 2017, Lcpl Everett Cole has been the longest-running donor to Independence Corps, paying it forward to benefit other soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who are in need of advanced mobility devices. Oorah Marine Lance Corporal Everett Cole.

July 2020 Everett and Alice Cole celebrated their 50th Anniversary. You can wish them Happy Anniversary, make a donation today.

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