Mario Salazar Inventor Engineer

After graduating from South Texas College, Mario went on to work for Lockheed Martin at NASA’s Johnson Space Center Houston. Mario applied his dexterity to the development of mechanical/electrical test fixtures used on the Space Shuttle Program. After ten years at NASA Mario went on to work on the Iridium Satellite System for Motorola in Chandler Arizona. After two years and the project winding down Mario moved to Colorado Springs where he began working for ARINC, responsibilities included software and hardware support as well as developing Satellite communications hardware for US military Other employers include Stanford Telecom/ITT, responsibilities included hardware and software upgrades to the Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS), and Starkey Hearing Aid Corporation, responsibilities included test fixturing, printed circuit board layout as well as component characterization, from the very large satellite array to the ultra miniature electronics

In 2002 Mario embarked on furniture design and unfortunately the angular measurement device did not exist in order to efficiently make the precision cuts required for his furniture, he therefore invented and patented a precision magnetic angle measurement tool which he later licensed to Sears Craftsman. He is currently working on other precision wireless angular tools that are speech capable for the visually impaired.

Mario was awarded an Editors Choice Award from Popular Mechanics and has been featured in “This Is My Job” segment as well as a contributor to the “Inventors Handbook” segment. Mario has also been featured in the DIY Network “Inventors Challenge” and DIY’s “Cool Tools” where he was a judge.

Additionally Mario has been a regular guest speaker at Colorado Technical Institute as well as local educational science fairs and has been involved with the DaVinci Institute in Denver Colorado. Mario also consults with up and coming inventors sharing with them his experience regarding inventing, patenting and licensing.

Mario is also an expert woodworker/furniture and tool designer, machinist, welder and humbly calls himself a general purpose Renaissance Man who is continually trying to create a better mouse trap as well as doing what he can in order to leave the world a bit better than he found it.

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