Now Helping Firefighters, Police Officers Injured in the Line of Duty

As Co-Founder and President of Independence Corps Foundation, after a more than 35 year legal career representing police and fire and other government pension systems, I am so proud to share with our community that in addition to continuing to provide mobility devices to veterans, in 2020 we started providing the iBOT® Mobility System invented by DEKA Research to Firefighters and Police Officers injured and disabled in the Line of Duty.  In 2008, after providing 23 new iBOTS to veterans, some of our veterans helped DEKA Research obtain FDA reclassification of the stair climbing wheelchair as a Class 2 Medical Device and we tirelessly helped DEKA to develop this new generation iBOT Mobility System.

Gary Lawson, J.D., LL.M, President

Injured in the line of duty, shot by a drug dealer, Ft. Worth Texas Police Officer Lisa Ramsey receives her new iBOT surrounded by an honor guard of Manchester NH Police Officers. Officer Ramsey’s iBot was paid for by donations to Independence Corps. Holding the check for us is iBOT inventor, Dean Kamen.

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